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Full Time Content Writer

The search engines and the visitors look for relevant, consistent and meaningful content on your site. No other aspect of your website offers you more returns on investment than the content. So the important question is-

Are you doing enough for the content of your website?

The content of your website should be keyword rich, semantically related to the theme of the page, highly consistent as well as sufficiently informative and convincing. Anything short of this would fail to accomplish the complete process of visitor attraction through search engines and consequent conversion.

Our full time content writers have been doing all this on a daily basis. They have also been keeping up with the latest changes in algorithms and conversion methods. Trained in the latest content requirements, a full time content writer can:

Write and post blogs suited to your requirements
Compose newsletters and mass mailers
Competently undertake press releases and corporate blogging
Create related content for existing website or fresh content for a new website
Tweak, modify or add content to your websites on a regular basis

Thus, no matter what your content-related requirements are, you have an expert to take care of it. The full time content writer works exclusively on your projects for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) except on Indian national holidays. The writer will also be in touch through instant messenger, e-mail and telephone during working hours.

The writer will forfeit all claims to the content created for you. The writer will also be bound by non-disclosure agreements and international copyright laws.

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