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Important Facts About No follow Links!

No follow links is used by the web masters to block some links by stating no follow in the HTML tags so to avoid from appearing in search engines. These are specifically designed to lower down the chances of spam comments on blogs.

Commenting on the blogs is an effective way to get more links to the site. This leads to an increase in the search engine placement on the Internet. There are unfair practices which are going around by commenting irrelevant comments on other blogs. This method is followed by various spammers to fool the search engines and to appear on top of search results. The fact behind these comments is that they doesn’t hold any relevance to the subject. Nowadays, blogging software’s have set ups especially designed to find out the spams out of the comments posted on the blog.

No follow links are not only used to eliminate the chances of spams in blog but these are also used to have better results in SEO services. The no follow links can also be used to improve the page ranking by allowing only those pages which you want to specify. These are generally done by taking the help of experts who have full understanding about the working.

Here under is a list when you can actually use no-follow links:

  • It can be used to eliminate the existence of spammers by specifying only the relevant comments in blogs.
  • This can be used to control the flow of page ranking in search engines.
  • This can also be used in situations when you link with external sources and doesn’t want their link to appear with your search results.

It entirely depends on how you perceive the comments written by others on your blogs. You can also avoid the usage of No-follow links by inviting people to write interesting comments which can help in increase in conversation between the users. It is not always essential to use it as sometimes it can be your helping hand in search engines. No follow links can easily be spotted by installing browsers which shows such links in highlighted color. A blogging software can also be installed to spot these no follow links.

It is essential to remember that no follow links are not meant to block any content on the web. It will not prevent the content to be indexed in search engines. Therefore, it should not be used to block the external links. There are other ways by which the content of the site can be blocked to appear on the search results. The robots exclusion standard is used to block the access of the content on the search results. The meta elements are specifically designed to specify to the search engine spiders to decide what needs to be done with the particular page which is been crawled by them.